The Long and Winding Road Isn’t Just a Beatles Song–It’s About My Depression

As many of you likely know, the month of May is Mental Health Month. It might be because of the kinds of people I follow (people like me who inspire me daily for overcoming their mental illnesses and living and creating regardless of their disease(s)), but I’ve seen lots of long, impassioned, heartfelt Instagram captions this month. So many, in fact, I am to the point where I’m asking, “Who DOESN’T have a mental illness?” While I don’t really know how many people I follow suffer from mental illness and can’t tell based on a few paragraph-long captions here and there, I can tell that these captions are only made possible by our society becoming more aware of the importance to be vocal about our mental health struggles. Which is why I’ve chosen to seriously write about a topic some people would be hesitant to put out unto the world. I say “seriously” because if you’re on Twitter, you will see hundreds of jokes about mental illness on your Timeline DAILY. Some of them are really funny, proving that humor is a great coping mechanism, but tweeting about your interactions with your therapist certainly is not solving anyone’s problems. Let’s get started with some historical information.

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Mendoza in March

Image via Rude Wines

AndrĂ©s and I spent the first week of March in marvelous Mendoza! Mendoza is a province of Argentina known for it’s wine cultivation. In fact, Mendoza is the Malbec capital of the world and makes Argentina the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. Apart from all that wine, many farms in Mendoza grow olives and produce olive oil PLUS the natural beauty of the region, with the Andes mountains nearby, is STUNNING! We flew into the capital city of the province, also called Mendoza, but then made our way to a town called San Rafael about three hours away.

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