Bummed Out in Bogotá

Let me start off by saying this is not your average travel blog post. I am not going to be able to recommend you a ton of stuff or tell you about the amazing things we saw, did and ate because as the title might suggest…we were bummed out in Bogotá. In other words, there was a toque de queda (Spanish for CURFEW) half the time we were there and the other half of the time? Everything was closed, tarps were put up, and there were more police officers than I’ve ever seen in my life. Now before you read this and think, “Wow Rachel are you really upset that this poor country’s political unrest ruined your vacation? How very white privilege of you!” I know exactly how this is coming across and that’s not what I am actually saying. An entire country’s political unrest didn’t personally affect me in the same way it’s affecting Colombians. Again, just want to say…while we were indeed sad everything was closed because there was a lot of cool stuff I wanted to see…I don’t blame Colombians for protesting their government as soon as I landed at El Dorado.

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