A Definitive Ranking of my Favorite 80s and 90s Rom-Com/Cult Classics

drive me crazy

1.) Drive Me Crazy (1999)

I don’t know how much more praise I can give one movie. If you follow me on Twitter (@literallyrachel), you inevitably know how much I love this movie considering the many tweets I have about it. Many of these tweets pertain to the main character, the love of my life, Chase Hammond, played by the ever-gorgeous Adrian Grenier along side co-star Melissa Hart of Sabrina fame. This movie is a combination of my favorite things: nerdy/alternative guys receiving a hot makeover (Chase was always hot tho); the “girl next door” feel; and a beautiful combination of what makes 90s movies so great—trying on clothes montages and a pop punk girl band playing at a high school centennial. I love you, Chase Hammond.

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