23 Makers and Small Businesses That I Absolutely LOVE

The 25th of January I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I have spent the past two birthdays in Argentina and as such, we don’t really do too much celebrating outside of going out to dinner and for drinks. While I definitely miss celebrating my birthday with my family and friends in the US with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, I also love being able to celebrate my birthday with my husband’s birthday on the 21st. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: everyone important to me was born within the same week: Andrew on the 21st, Fiona the Hippo on the 24th and me on the 25th. Haha JK but you know what I mean. This year for my birthday, my family in the States gifted me some $$$ so I decided to finally get some earrings I’ve been wanting for a while now. And of course, these earrings are made by an amazing small business maker I met through Instagram!

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Please Add Me on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Ok so…this post is a little different from what I normally post and in fact, this may read more like diary or a letter to a penpal or even a conversation I should be having with a licensed professional, idk? I’ve decided to bring a little bit of my instability to my blog since it’s pretty evident already on my Finsta, Twitter or even Rinsta. This is just what I felt like writing today. That’s not to say I’m done writing about Colombia though, because I probably have about 5 more posts about it but I was thinking, why not diversify for a bit! 

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I Hate True Crime But Here Are My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while but they’re only now starting to pick up popularity in the mainstream populace. Like, at least once a week someone I’m related to or went to high school with posts a Facebook status that says something like, “Comment podcast recommendations below!” The problem with these podcast recommendations is that they are overwhelmingly true crime pods. In fact, some people even say “I like true crime!” to guide people’s recommendations. Sometimes I think Facebook locals think podcasts have only one genre and that is true crime. For me, however, true crime is overdone and boring so I’m here to share with you some of my favorite podcasts.

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