Rainbows, Unicorns and Lisa Frank Memes

I honestly throw some pretty infamous parties. Whether it’s painting along to Bob Ross whilst celebrating the birthday of one of Henry VIII’s wives (see: Painting Leaves and Anne of Cleaves) or drinking hot cider and making candles in the most hygge way, I know my way around party themes and good execution. One of my best friends, Allison, offered to let me have my 21st birthday party at her apartment so I could celebrate with my friends from school and it was SO GOOD. Rachel’s 21st: A Lisa Frank Original was a huge success and here’s how I did it!

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Thrifting: First Hand Tips for Your Second Hand Finds

How many times have I received a compliment on my outfit and responded, “Thanks! I got it at Goodwill!”? And how many times have they replied speaking to their inability to thrift successfully? Too many to count. So here’s a blog post from a pro-thrifter.

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