Throwback: Bariloche, Argentina (Patagonia)

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I thought I’d start my first throwback travel blog with a trip I was on a year ago! I want to write about my past travels but that can be pretty difficult when it was such a long time ago but luckily, I keep a pretty detailed journal and have great research skills via Google! So hopefully, this post will be sufficient enough.

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Don’t Let the WKU Honors College Trick You Into the Trap That is Harlaxton College

In the moment, I for sure fell into the trap of Harlaxton–right down to the cheesy poses in front of the Manor.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post received a lot of heat when I first published it. If you’re reading this now, which people are still doing at alarming rates, please know I am grateful to have spent a semester in the U.K. and that I did make forever friends during this process (if they still like me after I *apparently* implied in this post that I was a sexless-having loser with no friends (which is what I have been called on Twitter). Additionally, my experience, which is what this post is based on, does not invalidate your very positive experience or take away from it. We can have very different perspectives on the same thing! Also, if you’re angry that I am “dissuading students from choosing Harlaxton,” you’re right in labeling what I am doing and I am not ashamed or feel bad about that–but it’s on them whether they take this post to heart or simply choose to ignore it, which they also can do. Free will is a beautiful thing. As is freedom of speech and access to the internet and platforms where you can post whatever you wish (imagine being a 19 year old girl I do not know trying to police what I post on my BLOG because she’s “WORRIED” about my “BLOG’S REPUTATION”)! That being said, contain your anger, for there is no need to “drag me.” 😉

If you’re a WKU student or alum, chances are you know what Harlaxton is or know someone who has gone. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen someone walking up the hill in the famed and coveted maroon “HARLAXTON” sweatshirt. Perhaps, or especially if you’re an average, run of the mill Mahurin Honors College student, you have spent a Fall, Spring or Summer semester in this Hogwarts-esque castle in the middle-of-nowhere, England (no offense to those living outside of Grantham in the Harlaxton village but c’mon guys–who are you fooling?).

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