Day Tripping from Medellín: Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol

If you have already read my blog post about our time in Medellín, you know we spent the second day traveling to the nearby town of Guatapé and the geographical tourist attraction that is Piedra del Peñol. Talk about a work out! After reading blog post after blog post about day trips you can take from Medellín, we decided Guatapé and la Piedra were our best bet. So, let’s talk about it!

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Three Days in Medellín, Colombia

After enjoying nature and hiking way too much in Colombia’s coffee region, we headed back to the city–Medellín that is! Even though I was plagued with illness most of the time while in Medellín, I really loved the city and look forward to going back one day. Read on to learn all about our highs and lows in the City of Eternal Spring.

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Why You Should Put The Coffee Region at the Top of Your Colombian Itinerary

After a quiet few days in Colombia’s capital of Bogotá (read that blog post here), Andrew and I headed to Colombia’s Coffee region: Quindío. Quindío is a department (like states; there are 32) in Colombia most known for its production of coffee and fruit as well as its beautiful scenery. In Spanish they call this region “Eje Cafetero” and I will use Coffee Region/Eje Cafetero/Quindío interchangeably. I want to preface this post by saying that our time in Quindío was unmatched compared to the rest of Colombia. Don’t get me wrong–Bogotá, Medellín and La Costa (Colombia’s Coast) treated us well (I mean, except for my stomach) but Quindío was paradise.

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