How to Make Venezuelan Reina Pepiada Arepas

Perhaps you’ve read my post about the best Venezuelan restaurants in Buenos Aires or you know me in real life; whatever the case, it’s pretty clear I LOVE Venezuelan food. Thankfully, when it came to finding the love of my life, it also came with discovering the food for my soul: tequeños, golfeados, empanadas, papelón con limón, patacones and the list goes on. But perhaps Venezuela’s greatest and best contribution to the culinary world is the arepa. 

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Hey y’all. Not many will read this because the primary way I get people to read my blog posts is by posting about it on social media once it’s been posted. That’s pretty much how I get all of my traffic right now, unfortunately. And doubly unfortunate is the fact that I can’t post about this particular post on any social media platform because I am simply taking a break on all social media. No Twitter, no Facebook and definitely no Instagram.

Since the dawn of time I think I’ve always had a conflicting relationship with any type of social media. I’ve coveted Instagram since I downloaded it before anyone at my high school. I’ve always been a little too open or problematic on Twitter and I honestly can’t believe how many times I’ve uploaded Snapchat stories where I spend over 5 minutes crying over a boy. The point is: I am a little addicted. And this kitty CANNOT have a little salami, even as a treat, when that salami is actually social media and the kitty is actually me. And because social media is how I get blog traffic, an unfortunate consequence of this social media break is that I do not plan to post any blogs until I am back on social media (and ready to adopt a better, healthier view of the aforementioned platforms).

I’ve had a weird couple of years, y’all. And to make them weirder, I document it all–the good, bad and ugly–on social media and right now, I just need a big, long break from not only posting content, but consuming it. Comparing yourself to others is never good and it’s especially not good to compare yourself to someone else’s INSTAGRAM VERSION OF THEMSELVES. Because nine times out of ten, the version of your life that is Instagrammable, isn’t the majority of your life. And it’s super unfair to me to look at other people’s most Instagrammable moments and ask myself, “Why isn’t my life like that every second of every single day? Why didn’t anyone make an Instagram story wishing me happy birthday this year? Why can’t I take a cute picture of myself that I like in front of a cliché tourist spot?” Basically…lately, my relationship with social media has ONLY bred negativity and self-loathing. And boy, is that NOT HEALTHY! So, when the sun rose on February 5th, the first thing I checked on my phone wasn’t my Instagram or Twitter notifications and it’s going to be that way for as long as it needs to be. One month? Two months? Three? I’m not sure.

Like I said, I am super sad a social media break equals a blog break because I love writing posts (except when they are interpreted wrong and everyone cancels me over Harlaxton; whatever, I deleted the post two months ago, I’m clearly not over it but I am at the same time). However, this break is what I need right now. If you do follow me on social media and you still get to read this blog post somehow and have wondered where I went, this is where! You’re welcome to share this post with our friends to give them an update if that’s what you desire. But you certainly do not have to.

Anyways, it’s goodbye for now, but I’ll be back sometime. And trust me, I will keep writing posts throughout the break and will begin publishing them all once I am back on the ole social meds.

Love y’all and have a great one.

P.S. Enjoy this picture of the LOML: my St. B, Mia. (Did y’all think I was gonna say my HUSBAND OF NEARLY TWO YEARS? HAHA YEAH RIGHT! JK, I love him too so enjoy this sweet picture of us just so you don’t forget what we look like now that a literallyrachel Instagram feed no longer exists).

23 Makers and Small Businesses That I Absolutely LOVE

The 25th of January I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I have spent the past two birthdays in Argentina and as such, we don’t really do too much celebrating outside of going out to dinner and for drinks. While I definitely miss celebrating my birthday with my family and friends in the US with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, I also love being able to celebrate my birthday with my husband’s birthday on the 21st. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: everyone important to me was born within the same week: Andrew on the 21st, Fiona the Hippo on the 24th and me on the 25th. Haha JK but you know what I mean. This year for my birthday, my family in the States gifted me some $$$ so I decided to finally get some earrings I’ve been wanting for a while now. And of course, these earrings are made by an amazing small business maker I met through Instagram!

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