Hi! My name is Rachel Castillo Montero-Blair and that’s a long name, I know. I’m a twentysomething from a small town in Kentucky now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my Venezuelan husband, Andrés. I travel frequently between Berea, Kentucky (my cute hometown) and my new home of Bs As and am really wracking up those flyer miles in the mean time.

I’ve been known as ‘literallyrachel’ since I created my Twitter in 2011. It’s kind of iconic–a self-made brand if you will. Which is what I want my blog to be: an extension of my already extensive social media presence. You follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, what have you, and now another blog that hopefully I will maintain this time (haha, looking at you, https://themaramo.wordpress.com).

I am known for a few other iconic things: my deep love for avocados, Lisa Frank memes, Walt Disney World and Animal Crossing; the fact that I married my husband after knowing him for four months; and crying on my Instagram stories. Overall, I’d say I’m well-rounded and I hope you’ll find literallyrachel to be that too.

I’m a freelance writer but only after holding many different roles. If you ever want to work together for a post or article, check out my Contact page.