Hi! My name is Rachel Castillo Montero-Blair and that’s a long name, I know. I’m a twentysomething from a small town in Kentucky now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my Venezuelan husband, Andrés. I currently work for a U.S. company that has an office here in Buenos Aires.

I’ve been known as ‘literallyrachel’ since I created my Twitter in 2011. It’s kind of iconic–a self-made brand if you will. Which is what I want my blog to be: an extension of my already extensive social media presence. You follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, what have you, and now another blog that hopefully I will maintain this time (haha, looking at you, https://themaramo.wordpress.com).

I am known for a few other iconic things: my deep love for avocados and Lisa Frank memes, the fact that I married my husband after knowing him for four months, and crying on my Instagram stories. Overall, I’d say I’m well-rounded and I hope you’ll find literallyrachel to be that too.