Please Add Me on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Ok so…this post is a little different from what I normally post and in fact, this may read more like diary or a letter to a penpal or even a conversation I should be having with a licensed professional, idk? I’ve decided to bring a little bit of my instability to my blog since it’s pretty evident already on my Finsta, Twitter or even Rinsta. This is just what I felt like writing today. That’s not to say I’m done writing about Colombia though, because I probably have about 5 more posts about it but I was thinking, why not diversify for a bit! 

My plan to diversify my blog archive? By writing about the best game in the App Store of course! I’m talking about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I know this game has been out for over two years which is insane because I could have been playing it for two whole years. Actually, I downloaded Pocket Camp (will now refer to it as “PC” for brevity purposes and also I’m lazy) when it first came out in late 2017. Oh but of course if you all have known me for a while we all know this was my 2008 Depression (not to be confused with my Great Depression–that was Summer 2017). So between throwing up daily due to emotional trauma and searching for a reason to live, I found PC and started playing it and played for about two months (Note: I didn’t play Animal Crossing as a kid! I had one game for my Nintendo DS but barely played it). Then I moved to Argentina and a bitch got busy so I deleted the game off my phone (which is a tragedy because when I redownloaded the game I had to create a whole new camp but I’ve since then created a Nintendo account like a smart person). At some point, early last year I redownloaded PC on my phone and played until like Level 9 and stopped playing it. For some reason I picked it up again a few days before Christmas and now my life has changed. I mean not forever–this game hasn’t changed my life forever–but it certainly has altered my everyday life because let’s face it, I’d much rather be playing PC than doing literally anything else. IT IS AN INCREDIBLE GAME. Part of what makes it so amazing is that there is sooooo much more to do than there was when I played it in 2017. Like…so many more things do. Will I ever be bored again? Not as long as I have Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my phone!

So if you’re already playing you should add me. You should especially add me if you’ll let me water your plants and always ask me to lend you a hand to get into the Shovelstrike Quarry because I NEED more Friend Powder. Also if you consistently list building materials like wood and cotton on your Market Box, DEFINITELY ADD ME. Because here’s my secret of success in this game: I’ve had this game on my phone for 290 days and have played the game only for a month. But the game doesn’t know I didn’t actually play all that time SO as a Pocket Camp Club Member (yes, I PAY FOR THAT), A LOT of items I can craft have 0 second wait times! So even though I’ve only been playing one month, I am already on Level 77 because I can build things so quickly. Truly, I am a genius and Pocket Camp Club is worth every penny. So especially if you are like me and downloaded the game a long time ago and stopped playing, baby it’s time to get back on it! Pocket Camp Club comes with a one month free trial and mine is almost up but I will be paying for it when it ends because I personally like when the game is a bit more fast-paced. 

But even without it, this game is just…so…darn…wholesome. I feel like my blood pressure lowers when I fulfill an animal’s request for one coconut, one peach and one apple, y’know? And designing my campground, camper AND cabin (what there’s a cabin now!) is so fun and then the animals look so cute doing their fun activities. There’s also an interior design class now, a seagull who takes your exports and brings you prizes and a little owl who likes maps. Omg and the FORTUNE COOKIES! So, like I said, there’s so much new stuff that the first version of the game just seems lame. So what are you waiting for?? Download the game!! Add me!! Let’s reduce stress and improve overall well-being with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (I wish I could write about Animal Crossing for my job instead of writing about singing bowls and cell phone radiation…lol). Here are some Tips to being a PC Master:

  • The key to getting fun, extra stuff from fulfilling animal requests is when they just ask for a fish, flower, insect or fruit, give them A GOOD ONE. This took me too long to realize. The most money the animals can give you for a fulfilling a single request is 1,500 bells (Also does anyone know the bells to USD conversion? Because I’m honestly curious). So I wouldn’t necessarily give them anything that costs more than 1,500 bells because then I’d rather sell it. Though the most expensive shell, I believe, is the pearl oyster shell which you can sell for 2,000 bells so most of the time, I just give it to the animal. What’s 500 bells? (Seriously, what IS 500 bells?) SO WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVE THEM THE EXPENSIVE OR RARE ITEMS, they give you more gifts! You can get fortune cookies, maps, and treats by giving them the “rare” stuff. And I’m obsessed with the fortune cookies so I ALWAYS give them special items. 
  • If you don’t have any perfect fruit, just buy special local fruit at the Market Boxes! I’m not sure exactly how the local fruits are distributed in the game but I’m assuming region. So for my region, my local fruit is grapes. They sell just like the other standard fruits (10 bells) and have the same importance, but to other people who don’t have grapes in their game, they are worth 600 bells and when you give them to the animals, you’ll get 1,500 bells! So anytime you see lychees or lemons, stock up (wow, I just tried to spell lemon like seven times and kept erasing it because spellcheck was like, NOPE! and it’s because I was spelling it in Spanish)!
  • Don’t spend your Leaf Tickets like a fool (like me). In my humble opinion, the best thing you can buy with Leaf Tickets is Limited Edition fortune cookies. When you first start playing the game, you’ll get 10 Leaf Tickets each time you level up and when you complete Stretch Goals so at some point it may feel like you are SWIMMING in Leaf Tickets. You aren’t! The water in your pool is draining RAPIDLY so don’t go spending Leaf Tickets on silly things like shortening wait times, calling animals to different locations or making up for missing building materials. Those are silly ways to spend your Leaf Tickets, trust me!!
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Treats are your best friends, especially if you’re looking to level up. Getting Treats is easiest with Friend Maps and sending out Gulliver’s Ship. Make sure not to over treat animals if you’re almost to the maximum level of friendship you can have with them though because then it’s just a waste of Friendship points.
  • Speaking of Gulliver’s Ship, I honestly hate crafting the cargo because I never have enough Friendship Powder to craft enough cargo to load all three ships at once so a lot of them time I will load things I don’t need. I’ve found that paper and preserves aren’t used that often when crafting new items so a lot of the time I’ll have like 400 something preserves I’ll never use so I just load 140 preserves and bam, I didn’t have to craft any stupid cargo. Also, if you get the same things over and over with the fortune cookies, you can load those too and often they’ll count for 20 or 30 points which I think is a good deal.
  • If there’s a level of Happy Homeroom where you don’t have 100% of the items, do it anyway because you can always go back to get the 3 medals but staying stuck on the same level because you want it to be perfect is silly. I’ve never done this on purpose but one of the first classes uses Marshall’s furniture which is LOCKED until you unlock him and I didn’t unlock him until like Level 68 or something so it was really annoying not being able to play Happy Homeroom.
  • Do Shovelstrike Quarry everyday because your friends WILL help you get in. This game is literally all about helping so don’t be afraid to ask the strangers you call friends on Animal Crossing for help.
  • If you shake empty trees (not the ones that grow fruit), sometimes money falls out! MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES IN POCKET CAMP AND THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO KNOW THIS GAME IS INDEED THE PERFECT GAME.

Okay so that’s probably not all of the tips and tricks I have for you but that’s all I’m going to write for now. If you want more help playing the game, just message me on social media or comment on this post because I will help you because I want everyone in the world to play this game. There’d be more peace! Seriously!

Anyways, I spend way too much time playing this game but I just love it so much and at the point in my life, I just need something that brings me joy (because waiting for a spousal visa in Argentina away from all of my family and friends is a process with little joy). SO ADD ME!!!!!!!! (ID: 04349608096) DOWNLOAD THE GAME! Especially if you started playing in 2017 and stopped because the game is so much better now!! Also, New Horizons comes out in 58 days, y’all, we are so close.

P.S. IF ANY GAMING COMPANIES OR WEBSITES NEED FREELANCE WRITERS TO WRITE ABOUT ANIMAL CROSSING, I AM YOUR GAL!!!!!!! I will write about it with much less unhinged emotionalism but still keep an appropriate amount of enthusiasm while still being informative. Seriously, check out my LinkedIn and email me. This is dream job territory.

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