Everything You Need to Know About Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World

This blog post is your unofficial guide to Batuu. Here you’ll read everything about Galaxy’s Edge shops, attractions, dining locations and more. Keep reading to help plan your next trip to Walt Disney World.

Before I get down and dirty in all you need to know about visiting Walt Disney World’s newest addition, this may seem obvious, but the best advice I can give anyone before they go to the Happiest Place on Earth is to download the Disney World Parks App. Debatably the most useful app ever, it shows attraction wait times, detailed maps, character spots, shows, and more. It also allows you to make FastPass+ reservations and dining reservations. It’s basically the best app ever. If you’re going to WDW, download this app and it will probably cut your stress in half (if you’d like a full blog post about the app and how to use it and find the best FastPasses, please comment below so I can write that up!).

Now, let’s blast off to Batuu, the fictional planet that has made Galaxy’s Edge its home. Galaxy’s Edge is located in the back of Hollywood Studios next to Toy Story Land and Grand Avenue. The two entrances, which are large cave-like tunnels, can be found by passing through either Toy Story Land or Grand Avenue. As you pass under the tunnels, you are transported to the incredibly detailed world of Batuu (and your Star Wars loving heart WILL start singing y’all). At the entrances, make sure you find the Cast Member handing out Traveler’s Guides. These are more detailed maps for Galaxy’s Edge than you would find if you just had the Guidemap for Hollywood Studios. Plus, it’s cute!

The INCREDIBLE Detail — in Photos!

Merchandise: The Market and Black Spire Outpost

The Market area of Galaxy’s Edge, if you enter from Grand Avenue, is one of the first things you’ll encounter (currently! Soon Rise of the Resistance will open and take over a lot of the “empty” space near the Resistance Supply and a few X-Wings and other Starships.). I love the detail of The Market. The stalls that aren’t stores, the hanging lights and cords, everything about it makes me think I am in a tourist shopping around an artist district but I’m being a tourist on another planet.

Black Spire Outpost is all about the First Order. Besides the stores and food stalls, here you’ll find a First Order ship and some patrolling Storm Troopers.

Creature Stall

Source: Walt Disney World

Creature Stall is pretty self-explanatory. They sell literal animals. HAHA, just kidding but they do sell stuffed animals of all kinds! From Porgs to Tauntauns, there are all kinds of Star Wars plushes to take home.

Toydarian Toymaker

Source: Walt Disney World

At this stall you and your little ones can find all sorts of toy props from the films like lightsabers and bags as well as plushes and figurines of famous Star Wars characters.

Black Spire Outfitters

Source: Walt Disney World

Located at Black Spire Outpost, the aptly named Outfitters carries Star Wars costumes and other Star Wars inspired apparel and accessories.

Jewels of Bith

Source: starwars.fandom.com

Weirdly, Jewels of Bith does not have an official site on Walt Disney World Resort. However, here you can purchase anything related to Black Spire Outpost and Batuu. They have cute clothing, mugs, bottles, pins, and other accessories.

Resistance Supply

Source: Walt Disney World

The Resistance Supply is made of two small kiosks located near Rise of the Resistance. Here they sell a mix of Star Wars merchandise: from apparel and accessories to costumes and toys, the Supply carries pretty basic souvenirs.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Source: Walt Disney World

Dok-Ondar’s is filled with a variety of merchandise, souvenirs, and fun details (including Dok himself!). Here you can buy apparel, jewelry, pins, and collectibles such as statues and speciality (and expensive) lightsabers.

Driod Depot

The Droid Depot is part store and part experience. As for the store, you can buy different droid related jewelry, pins, and clothes. The experience is building your own remote controlled droid! We were not able to make one this time around but are for sure looking forward to it next time we are in Batuu! In order to build your own droid, you should make a reservation here.

Here’s what you need to know before you build your own Astromech unit:

  • To make the reservation, you must include a credit card but payment will be due upon arrival.
  • You can make reservations up to 180 days in advance.
  • When making your reservation, include the number of builders you are reserving a spot for. Each builder is allowed to bring one person to watch (of the two people at least one person must be over 14 years old).
  • The cost of building your own droid is $99.99 plus tax.
  • You should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your reservation time and bring with you your ID, confirmation, and credit card.
  • You have the choice of a BB-series unit or R-series unit.
  • After building, you will be given a carrying box similar to those from Build-A-Bear lol.
  • There is also a test area outside of Droid Depot where you can play with your brand new droid!

Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers

Source: Walt Disney World

Similar to Droid Depot, at Savi’s Workshop you can build your own lightsaber. We did not make a reservation to do this experience and might never due to not wanting a hand-built lightsaber or wanting to pay for one. For me, the droid is less expensive and more fun, which would lead me to actually building one someday. If you’re interested, to make a reservation, please visit this site. Here’s everything you need to know before building your own lightsaber at Savi’s:

  • To make the reservation, you must include a credit card but payment will be due upon arrival.
  • You can make reservations up to 180 days in advance.
  • When making your reservation, include the number of builders you are reserving a spot for. Each builder is allowed to bring one person to watch (of the two people at least one person must be over 14 years old).
  • The cost of building your own lightsaber is $199.99 plus tax.
  • You should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your reservation time and bring with you your ID, confirmation, and credit card.
  • A carrying case is included.
  • There are several customization options for your lightsaber so you can really be creative!

First Order Cargo

Source: starwars.fandom.com

Here you can buy all First Order/Dark Side merchandise. From Storm Trooper gear to famous Dark Side lightsabers, and tons of cool pins, apparel, and other accessories.


Kat Saka’s Kettle

Source: Walt Disney World

Disney World is pretty famous for its popcorn and reusable popcorn containers. It’s one of my favorite snacks at WDW! However, we did not opt to try the popcorn at The Market this time around. Outpost popcorn is a blend of “sweet and spicy” flavors and looks so colorful. I can’t wait to try it. If you have, leave a comment below with your thoughts on it!

Ronto Roasters

We did not eat at Ronto’s but we did walk through it and it smells delicious!! They have a few breakfast items but mostly it’s lunch and dinner. And as the name “roasters” might imply, most of it is meat, like turkey, pork and chicken. They also have speciality Star Wars-themed beverages you can’t get at other restaurants within Galaxy’s Edge. You can check out the menu before you go here.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Source: Walt Disney World

Docking Bay 7 neighbors Ronto Roasters and has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. We did not get to dine here this time around but look forward to eating there in the future! They have a few more breakfast, lunch, and dinner options than Ronto’s and have a lot more vegetarian, allergy-conscious and gluten-free options. Like Ronto’s they have speciality Star Wars-themed beverages you can’t get anywhere else. You can check out the menu here.

Oga’s Cantina

So Oga’s was one of the places we did go. We had a reservation at 10:05…which is pretty early for drinks but it’s the only reservation time that had popped up on the Disney app and I took it as soon as I saw it. You do not need a reservation, though it is suggested because you will have to wait in a standby line. You can make a reservation here or on your Disney App. You only get 45 minutes inside and there is a two drinks per person maximum. There are a few snack foods but it’s mostly drinks. You can find the menu here. Liz and I got the Blue Bantha milkshake and the Jedi Mind Trick. Liz liked the milkshake but not the cookie that comes on top so she and I split it. The Jedi Mind Trick was okay but I swear I said “The Outer Rim” when ordering…oh well. I can’t wait to go back and try more drinks! I’d also love to stand at the bar next time. Where we sat was a little out of the way and I feel like we didn’t get the best “spot” but the bar would be very cool.

Milk Stand

We also went to the Milk Stand because how can you go to Galaxy’s Edge and NOT try the Blue Milk?? We bought both the Blue and Green Milk sans alcohol. I preferred the Blue Milk (a “plant-based blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with alluring fruity characteristics”) and Liz preferred the Green Milk (a “plant-based blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with zippy citrus and tropical characteristics”). For me, the Green was just a bit too zippy. I’d love to try the Coolers in the future and even splurge on one of the really cute Bubo Wamba Family Farms Souvenir Sippers! You can check out the menu here.


Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run lives up to the hype–especially for WDW. If you compare Universal with WDW, there’s a huge difference in the rides. A lot of the attractions of Universal are newer and newer rides tend to bank more on cool visuals rather than thrilling coasters. Disney is finally making the transition to these newer, special effects rides and Smugglers Run is one of them! Waiting in the line also has some cool things to look at, including waiting inside the actual Millennium Falcon! The cockpit holds six people with three roles–Pilot, Gunner, and Engineer. You’re basically on a mission to get some coaxium for the Resistance but of course people are like…shooting at you. Liz and I were both assigned Engineer, which is at the back of the ship. Your role is to hit a sequence of blinking buttons when the ship is damaged. The gunner and pilot…it’s fairly obvious what they do. Being an Engineer really isn’t that hard and doesn’t take a lot of skill so you’re kind of able to sit back and enjoy the ride and watch what’s on the screen. I’d love to be the pilot though as it seems to be the most coveted role. Liz and I almost did Single Rider to see if we could get different roles but we decided to explore the rest of the park. The line we waited in was about 90 minutes during the middle of the day. I looked at the app the other night while working on this blog post and the wait at 9 PM was 25 minutes so maybe that’s the time to go? We got to the park as soon as we could go in (9 AM) but didn’t go straight to Galaxy’s Edge but I’ve heard it’s better to go as soon as they open or right before they close.

At Hollywood Studios until November 2nd, they have “Extra” Extra Magic Hours for those staying at WDW Resort Hotels. We stayed off property because of booking too late so we were not able to take advantage of being at Hollywood Studios at 6 AM lol. However, I imagine the wait times between 6 and 9 AM are great.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Opening December 5, 2019!

Source: Walt Disney World

Is this ride open yet? No! But I included it anyway because it looks awesome and hopefully by the time you all go, you’ll be able to ride it! And maybe when it opens you can catch shorter lines at Smugglers Run or even Slinky Dog Dash! It basically looks like a DINOSAUR ride, which I love DINOSAUR–so Star Wars DINOSAUR…I am pumped!

Other Star Wars Experiences at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay existed long before Galaxy’s Edge and is located in Animation Courtyard. Here you have several experiences to choose from: the theater where they have a short documentary about the next stages of the Star Wars franchise; props from the movies; and character encounters. While we were there you could meet BB-8, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader…not Kylo Ren. I would have LOVED to meet Kylo Ren and was pretty sad we couldn’t BUT hugging Chewie was spiritual. There is also a souvenir shop that sells customized Star Wars phone cases and Magic Bands as well as Skywalker Vineyards products.

Star Tours’ – The Adventures Continue

Star Tours’ has also been around a lot longer than Galaxy’s Edge and is a pretty decent ride! Here you join C-3P0 for a fun ride through space. It’s 3D and a fun simulator. It’s a nice ride to preface Galaxy’s Edge and I love the outside of the ride!! Also the ride is supposed to change constantly so there’s a big chance if you ride it more than once in one day, you’ll have a different experience!

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

To start out, I will say…this is completely for KIDS! That being said, we did not go to this experience so everything I am telling you is just what I’ve read on the internet. Essentially, Younglins (children ages 4-12) have a chance to train with the ways of the force. You must register before the show at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost. The experience lasts 20 minutes and has showtimes throughout the day. Check your Disney App for the most up-to-date times for each show.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away is an outdoor live-action show that has showtimes throughout the day at Center Stage in front of the Chinese Theater. I believe the showtimes start at 10:30 and happen every hour after that until 5:30 or 6:30. The show features all of your favorite characters and just makes you really nostalgic for the movies you grew up watching as a kid and the movies they are making now for a new generation of Star Wars fans.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular closes out the night at Hollywood Studios each evening at 10 PM. It lasts 14 minutes and is very similar to the video they show at A Galaxy Far, Far Away, weaving together all the Star Wars stories throughout the years. It is super nostalgic and special if you love Star Wars and I really almost cried with every Carrie Fisher scene. There are also light special effects and fireworks.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

Again, this is not something we did but it sure sounds cool! This reservation-only event combines delicious desserts snacks with a special viewing area for the nightly fireworks show. This specific Dessert Party will temporarily be replaced by Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Holiday Dessert Party from November 8, 2019 until January 5, 2020. The Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party offers Star Wars themed desserts, specialty drinks and an assortment of charcuterie and cheeses. You must make a reservation here! Prices depend on the season but range between $79-$89 per adult and $45-$53 per child. Dessert will be served at the Launch Bay.


Some Star Wars merchandise can be purchased outside of Galaxy’s Edge and the Launch Bay. Here’s where you can shop if you’ve decide to get something Star Wars AFTER you’ve left Batuu:


You can also find a few select Star Wars themed snacks and beverages in other parts of the parks. What you can find and where to find it is below:

At last, I think we’re gonna wrap up this post about everything you need to know about Galaxy’s Edge. I only had one day to explore so I am sorry if I missed a few things or wasn’t able to provide as much detail on the experiences we missed out on. I can guarantee you, I won’t miss these things the second or third time around. I hope this post helps you while planning your first or even next trip to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. Have the best time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge? Drop your thoughts below! I’d love to hear what you thought of everything.

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