22 Dog Pictures to Celebrate 22 Years Of Life

Last year I tried to write a blog post with 21 of my favorite quotes but the draft never saved and I was heartbroken after getting to #17 and then losing all my progress so I never finished it. A more popular post is to write about 22 things you’ve learned in your 22 years of life. I gotta be honest, I don’t think I’ve learned 22 things important or unique enough that they deserve their own blog post. So instead, please enjoy 22 of my favorite dog pictures. This is bound to make everyone a lot happier.

  1. Absolute Unit Sitting Peacefully on the Tube

2. This Dog From the Cincinnati Zoo Encountering A Mysterious Snowman

3. My Dog Mia Practicing to Be the Flower Girl at My American Wedding

4. A Famous Dog On Instagram Who Could Also Be A Flower Girl at Someone’s Wedding

5. This Hard Working Boi

6. The Only Target Purchase to Ever Matter

7. The Best Cross-Over Episode of All Time

8. My Dog Mia, Again, But Smiling Like the Cutest Dog She Is

9. Mia, but Smol

10. My Lesser Known Dogs, Scarlett and Sophie, Who Came First and Are Probably Bitter About Mia’s Presence

11. This Very Cute Pup Who Works at a Thrift Store in Bowling Green

12. This Fluffler Sniffing A Tree in Buenos Aires

13. The Wee Littlest Pug

14. Eeyore in Dog Form

15. This Tiny Corgi Going in for A Hello Kiss

16. #TeamFiona

17. This Very Dapper Boy

18. Mia, Again, Because I Just Can’t Get Enough of Her

19. This Dog Named Billie I Follow On Instagram Who Has the Cutest Boxy Head

20. Another Dog I Follow On Instagram Named Tofu

21. Yet Another Dog I Follow On Instagram Named Maple

22. Obvi the Last Dog on This List Is My Dog Again Because I Love and Miss Her Very Much and Wish Kentucky Wasn’t So Far Away

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