An Introduction

My About covers some pretty basic information but I wanted to make a good introduction about myself, why I wanted to take up blogging and what you can expect from my posts.

I just graduated from Western Kentucky University in December. My majors and minors fluctuated throughout my 3.5 years there. I was a Nonprofit Administration Minor for a semester, a Gender & Women’s Studies minor for a few more. I once had a third major, History. Before I met my dreamy husband, I had three majors and one minor and was still planning on graduating in four years. After meeting the guy I would one day marry on a study abroad trip, I dropped History and GWS and took 30 hours to graduate a semester early. It was hard, but I did it.

During that time, I had to give up a few of the things I enjoy. Spending time with friends and family, which includes my dogs. Watching Netflix and Instagram stories. I haven’t read for fun since 2014! I used to paint and am now trying to learn how to paint with watercolors (and it is a TIME). I enjoy podcasts and tweeting and making playlists. I love walking and taking pictures. I think I am hilarious and am almost offended if someone disagrees. I love thrift shopping, which is what lead me to create my own Etsy shop in 2014 where I sell vintage items and clothes. I love supporting local artists and am currently cooking more than ever before. I love to travel and meet new people. I used to like politics, a lot. I love wearing big earrings and I never learned how to style my hair and honestly, I think it’s too late now. I gained 40lbs in less than a year so I’m not fond of taking photos anymore. I am fascinated by Instagram models and I used to be a vegetarian for a very long time–what can I say? My husband is a questionable influence.

That’s pretty much me! As far as why I wanted to start this blog, the answer is pretty simple: I like writing. It takes me a while to get motivated or to pick a topic, but once I start writing, it’s something I enjoy. If what I write is funny or helpful or useful to someone else, I like writing even more. Not all of my blog posts will be like that, I am sure. My old blog I kept with my two best friends, Morgan and Mallory, is still up and there is a lot of stuff you can read there but we no longer update it. This blog is just mine and I hope to update it regularly with good content. Stuff that people want to read. I used my Instagram recently to do interest polls and was able to come up with about 30 different blog topics that I look forward to writing and publishing. And let me tell you–this stuff has RANGE. From Riverdale WTF moments to juggling it all in college to spotting cultural differences in Buenos Aires, I have a lot to share.

I hope you all like it.

~ literallyrachel

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