Rainbows, Unicorns and Lisa Frank Memes

I honestly throw some pretty infamous parties. Whether it’s painting along to Bob Ross whilst celebrating the birthday of one of Henry VIII’s wives (see: Painting Leaves and Anne of Cleaves) or drinking hot cider and making candles in the most hygge way, I know my way around party themes and good execution. One of my best friends, Allison, offered to let me have my 21st birthday party at her apartment so I could celebrate with my friends from school and it was SO GOOD. Rachel’s 21st: A Lisa Frank Original was a huge success and here’s how I did it!

In any creative venture, Pinterest is your ultimate pal. I used Pinterest posts to get ideas on my outfit, the cake, decorations, drinks, etc. I used my personal Pinterest board dedicated to Lisa Frank.

My outfit was a rather complicated affair. I ended up buying three separate tops for one occasion because I just can’t settle. I wanted to look fab, sparkly and bright but also sexy because duh, it’s my 21st birthday. The second top I ordered was a jumpsuit from Nasty Gal but since it didn’t come in in time, I ended up getting a $5 crop top from Charlotte Russe. My skirt was from Target. The original top I bought was from Forever21, as were my earrings and choker. I made the crown myself! I loosely followed this YouTube tutorial but obviously used way much more glitter and opted for no flowers. My crown was very much the highlight of my outfit, even if I did end up stabbing my guests in the face with it a lot (so sorry guys).

I had high hopes for the cake and settled hard, which pretty much explains my entire life. I always try and accommodate for my guests with food restrictions, which almost always means gluten free or vegan! Emma and I tried to follow a tutorial that would have made the inside of the cake look like leopard print and LOL. It just looked poopy inside but I made the outside cute and simple and it still tasted so good, especially to be gluten free (this is the cake mix we used)!


As for decorations, unicorns, rainbows and brightly colored cutlery were a must. I shopped at Party City, Target, Walmart and Ollie’s to get all my goods. I got Lisa Frank stickers so people could personalize their cups and that was a fun little perk! My backdrop consisted of lots of streamers and banners and turned out pretty good if I say so myself. I also purchased a vintage Lisa Frank party game from eBay! You: Pin the tail on the donkey. Me: Pin the shades on Hollywood Bear.

My favorite part of the entire night wasn’t exactly Lisa Frank themed–it was a honey roast! Months ago I had planned to throw “Rachel’s Roast” and do a Comedy Central celebrity-style roast wherein my friends would roast me and my bad life decisions and tendencies to be overdramatic and ridiculous. However, after my mental health took a nose dive last semester AND going through a really bad breakup, I needed some uplifting things to be said about me. And omg! I have never felt my heart swell up so big than when I was surrounded by friends I’ve made in college telling me what they love about me. I highly suggest throwing yourself a honey roast at your next birthday party because if you’re like me, you have poor self-worth and need to be reminded time to time why you should still stick around. I have the best friends in the entire world and could not be more grateful for everyone who came to celebrate my birthday with me a little early. I ended up writing what everyone said in my journal, but for now, I am just going to keep those sweet sentiments to myself because they’re about me and for me!

And that’s about it, I think? The party was super enjoyable and I’m glad everyone was able to make it! Here are some photos of the people who made this Lisa Frank night super special!

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