Trip Review: Weekend in Bowling Green, KY 2014

This post was imported from the old blog I shared with my two best friends, Morgan and Mallory. It covers our trip to BG, KY.

Hello lovely blog readers! We want to start off this post by saying thank you for clicking the link to each of our new posts whenever we share them on social media! We write our posts to share them and knowing we actually have readers is beyond cool! If you ever have any suggestions or want to hear from us about something specific, be sure to comment on one of the posts.

So, in preparation for #journey3totennessee which kicks off Friday morning, we wanted to do some throwback posts to our previous trips and we’re starting where it all begin: Bowling Green, KY. This weekend trip to visit Morgan was basically Mallory’s bachelorette weekend. In order to keep our Trip posts as brief as possible, we’ve decided to only hit the highlights which we will fit into a few important categories.


Where: Bowling Green, KY

When: 7.17-20.14

Why BG: Pretty simple–free place to stay, close to home (Mallory was getting married in one week!), and plenty of thrifting.

Lodging: Morgan’s apartment, which was conveniently located inside the BCM at WKU. At the time, Morgan was pretty much living there by herself so there were plenty of dorm style beds to go around. There was a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and a bicycle in the big room. What more could you ask for?

Shopping: We thrifted until we could thrift no more–Rachel’s car, at the time a blue Taurus, was packed full (mostly due to Morgan moving out of the apartment and needing to take things home and Mallory’s massive wooden display for a pitcher and bowl, which took up the entire backseat (yep, on the way back we all rode up front; it was a time to be had)). Bowling Green’s thrift scene is prime, with more than one Goodwill and multiple second hand stores, we were in heaven. Besides thrifting most of the time, no other stores were really visited, what can we say? We’re cheap.

Food: If you’re us, food is probably the most important part of any outing. Our main food joint during this trip was, of course, Sonic and it’s incredible Happy Hour. (They still brewed their Diet Green tea in 2014, oh how times have changed.) We also got some incredible deals with ordering Domino’s pizza online. Trust us, they aren’t that bad. And we were in BG, of course there was GADS (Great American Donut Shop).

Sights we saw: While BG has a few notable sight-seeing destinations, it was never the main goal of this trip. However, we did manage to sneak into some fancy subdivisions, dream of being rich, and drive to the tallest spot in Bowling Green at night.

Favorite part: With adventures like ours, picking just one favorite part, is hard to do, but for you all, we’ve tried!

Mallory’s – It is so hard to pick a favorite moment for this trip especially since most of the trip consisted of me obsessing about finding all the random and remaining items I needed for my wedding. However, there was one evening when we went out for pizza and went back to the BCM to just chill out. We ended up watching Lizard Lick Towing which is the only time I’ve watched the show but, 2 years later I still remember how hilarious it was. This may seem like a minor moment but it was just so great to hang out with my best friends, stuff our faces with pizza, and laugh at the show and each other.

Rachel’s – So at the time it was most certainly not funny but looking back at it now, it’s hilarious that on the way there we stopped at Mallory’s house and I was distracted by her mom’s elliptical and put my phone on it and then forgot it there. And then we locked the keys inside of the house. I’d actually forgotten about that hour setback until looking at the hashtag on Twitter whenever we posted our first Adventure post. #goodtimes

Morgan’s – Going to be totally honest–I don’t really remember a lot that happened on this trip. Not because it wasn’t awesome but rather because I have a piss poor memory when it comes to events of my past. And also maybe because I lived there at the time so for me instead of a trip it was rather a visit. And to be honest that was my favorite part…a week before my sister’s wedding, her and Rachel coming down to hang out and explore #bigdaddyBG–it was a treat and delight to show them all my favorite places, to go thrifting, to fart in all the stores we went to (specifically Hobby Lobby I’m so sorry.) My two favorite people got to spend a few days with me in my favorite place and it was sweet.

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