A History of Maramo Adventures

This post was imported from the old blog I shared with my two best friends, Morgan and Mallory. It talks about the yearly adventures we go on, how they came about, and the staples of each trip.

The brief history of our yearly adventures goes like this: what began as a bachelorette weekend turned into something so much more. They have become extremely calculated, carefully executed whirlwinds of adventure. JUST KIDDING. Nonetheless, let’s go through the process on how we create unforgettable memories through our trips.

The process begins a few weeks before the trip is to take place. The sense of urgency adds excitement. The first step is simple enough: find where you want to go. As not the richest of cats in the world, we have decided that until we are flushed with cash, our destinations will take place in neighboring states.

First Trip (2014): Good ole Bowling Green (BG), Kentucky, land of free lodging and abundant, high quality thrift stores.

Second Trip (2015): We refer to this trip, lovingly I might add, as the “Hocking Hell” trip.

Third Trip (2016): TBA maybe Tennessee?

After you have a general idea of where you would like to go, get more specific. A great way to collaborate on  possible destinations is a group Pinterest board. This works especially great for us, considering we see each in person very rarely. Key words to search for include: “free things to do in…” or “weekend getaway in…”. We’re college students! These pins will help you find free and cheap, small things to do while there.

Another cool app to check out is RoadTrippers! We used this to find cool things and to map out the trip itself. If you have an account, you can save all your trips or favorite any road side attractions or pizza joints that may be on the way. However, word of warning: we found Ravenwood Castle on this app and that turned out JUST great, didn’t? (If you aren’t aware of our nightmare castle experience, we’re making a separate post soon!)

Once you’ve figured out all the fun details of where you want to go, whether you are hiking and canoeing somewhere scenic or shopping away on the Magnificent Mile, you’ll need somewhere to stay. While it may seem exciting to do something different, sometimes a Fairfield Inn and Suites can serve as blessing from God Himself. But if the reviews for a quirky B&B or I don’t know, a medieval castle, all check out, go for it! Also, be mindful of the price. Splitting the bill multiple ways makes things A LOT cheaper but still decide beforehand what price range you’d like to stay in and be mindful of it when conducting your search. Now on to some smaller, yet important, details!

Make a playlist. We utilized a discount on Spotify Premium and loaded up with songs. Have a designated playlist maker who is in charge of creating the playlist with music everyone will like. From Shakira to “One Hell of an Amen,” we clearly have a diverse jam session.

Create a hashtag and USE SAID HASHTAG. So, whenever you post that perfectly edited pic on Instagram, hashtag it. Did something totally ridiculous happen? Live tweet it with your hashtag. You can check out our memories here #journey2withthecrew and here #bigdaddyBG! Hashtags are a great way to have unified posts as a group of travelers. Plus, you can look back at it any time and be reminded of all the great things that happened!

Make this your “TREAT YO SELF” trip. Nothing is more disappointing then getting to go to all these places and not being able to buy that cute dress and that commemorative Nalgene and that pink cowboy hat you won’t wear once. Or even worse, having to order an Appetizer as the main course AND skipping dessert. Save up for this trip as a group! And if for some reason, you need to conserve money (maybe because your lease starts in August), tell your travel mates! They will be understanding and chose cheaper things to do and be less likely to pressure you or say “O M G YOU NEED THAT TOP.” Speaking of dessert, do not count calories during this trip. You are on vacation. Get dessert every day. This is your time. 

Have we convinced you to plan a trip with your friends yet? We sure hope so! Rachel’s motto (seriously) is “YOLO.” Don’t let money be an issue. Don’t let your job hold you back. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and best friends at your side waiting to explore it with you. Whether you are just traveling two hours away from home or across the globe, you’re expanding your horizons and skills, and most importantly, cultivating the bonds with the people you travel with.

Are you going somewhere this summer or have any other trip planning tips you’d love to share? Leave a comment below and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

Forever counting down the days until we can go somewhere,


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